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Art was now meant to come forth from within the artist, rather than from a depiction of the external visual world, and the standard for assessing the quality of a work of art became the character of the artist's feelings rather than an analysis of the composition.

Expressionist artists often employed swirling, swaying, and exaggeratedly executed brushstrokes in the depiction of their subjects.

Max Beckmann was a German artist, writer, and philosopher commonly associated with the Expressionist movement of the early twentieth century.

He abhorred the label 'Expressionism', but juxtaposed scenes from reality by layering figures, colors, and shadows.

A student of Futurism and Cubism, Marc was a master of color and depth, and a major influence on mid-twentieth-century abstractionists.

August Macke was a German painter and a leader in the Expressionist group The Blue Rider.In part a reaction against Impressionism and academic art, Expressionism was inspired most heavily by the Symbolist currents in late-19-century art.Vincent van Gogh, Edvard Munch, and James Ensor proved particularly influential to the Expressionists, encouraging the distortion of form and the deployment of strong colors to convey a variety of anxieties and yearnings.Franz Marc was a German painter and printmaker, and one of the pioneers of German Expressionism.Along with August Macke and Kandinksy, Marc founded The Blue Rider artist group.Chaim Soutine was a Jewish Expressionist painter whose textured, impasto style was influential for later gestural painters.He is especially known for his portraits, landscapes, and studies of flayed meat.While his style was reminiscent of Van Gogh, Klimt, Munch and others, Schiele shaped the female form in a uniquely non-representational manner, often twisting the body and face, making him an early proponent of European Expressionism.Karl Schmidt-Rottluff was a German Expressionist painter and printmaker, and a member of Die Brucke.The setting of The Scream was suggested to the artist while walking along a bridge overlooking Oslo; as Munch recalls, "the sky turned as red as blood.I stopped and leaned against the fence...shivering with fear.


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