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The purpose of these reading journals is to help you learn and think about all of the readings done in class.

Thinking about the ideas themselves, as well as the factors that could have influenced the writer, are good places to look for inspiration.

Take some time and think about these things (try talking with someone about the ideas too! Again, the idea is to get you to understand and think about the articleand show it through your writing.

Take a look at the most familiar outline of a reflection paper.

are aware of the natural approach to its composition.

This kind of writing is not just saying whether or not you liked the article (though that can definitely be a part of your response), but why.

Critical thinking and analysis (especially in regards to topics you have been covering in class) is important, and hopefully some of the above suggestions for questions to ask yourself will help you get started. These will provide specifics on how to format your papers, what specifically he/she will be looking for, and other writing conventions you should follow.Do not shirk them; they are one of the best ways to gain a better grasp on the content of the course material.Students are often advised to either summarize each article's main points in a paragraph or have a list of main points in bullet form, then react to the article in some way in your journal.But breaking the whole piece, arbitrarily, in three distinct segments viz.introduction, body, and conclusion are considered as the best format.And, this blog has the perfect content that will guide you through the anatomy and approach of a reflective paper.Suppose, you are reading a book on a controversial topic or something like a .It is about molding and portraying your array of thoughts, keeping a professional-narrative tonality.Being a student, it is important for you to apprehend this style of creation.Depending on these classifications, you have to outline your paper.Make certain, it abides by the true-blue concept of a reflection paper.


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