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Therefore, it is difficult to describe them with our senses.

Therefore, it is difficult to describe them with our senses.

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In other words, it states the purpose or point of the essay.

Remember these writing goals when writing a descriptive essay.

On the far side of the grass I see the glint of sunlight of the metal cart of a hotdog stand.

A successful narrative essay requires careful word choice.

A descriptive rhetorical style is one that uses the five senses (touch, taste, sight, sound, smell) and other details to provide the reader with a vivid idea or picture of what is being represented.

Your professors may ask you to write short, descriptive essays in some classes, but, most often, you’ll want to add a descriptive style to different types of essays.Take a close look at the adjectives (describing words) you use.See if you can find a more specific or descriptive word.Revision: On the other side of the wooded path sits a large pond with a lawn beside it.Ducks quack loudly while kids chase each other on the flat green lawn.The zooming bicycles must seem like strange animals to the bird.Draft: The walk around the park felt nice, but I was hungry, so I walked towards the pond where I saw a hotdog stand.This is because the essay is so descriptive, that it appeals to our senses. The job of such an essay is to appeal to our senses in a way that it creates an image in our minds.Hence a descriptive essay plays with at least one of our five senses (touch, smell, taste, hearing, sight).When they gobbled the bread I saw a ridges of bumps, like teeth, lining their bills. It makes you believe that you are there with the writer, it paints a vivid picture. Our brain is so powerful that it can easily imagine scenarios and make use of our senses.


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