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In our society, technological developments happen in rapid succession, so there is increasing demand for expert ICT staff.Depending on your interests and ambitions, you could, for instance, end up as an Information Technology Architect, Data Analyst, ICT Consultant or Programmer.An instructor may want to download individual assignment documents at times during the run of a course.

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The Master’s in Information Sciences will continue as before.

In principle, you can embark on Information Sciences bachelor's in September, but there are disadvantages to enroll in a programme that is phased out.

Are you considering the Bachelor's Information Sciences?

Then contact study advisor Hiltje Osinga via [email protected] 020-5988880 to get personal advice for the right study choice. As a result, organisations have more and more opportunities to generate and use data, which is exactly what you will learn to do in the Information Sciences (previously named Information, Multimedia and Management) programme at VU Amsterdam.

Write a program that will generate random numbers and that numbers will be stored in a two-dimensional array.

Then display the generated values on the screen and then also print the even numbers from the generated array elements.

Alternatively, you could choose to continue on to the one-year Master's programme in Information Sciences at VU Amsterdam, or a different Master's programme that is multi-disciplinary or related to computer science.

For more information about Master's programmes at VU Amsterdam, visit: nl/masters.

STEP 6: When the pop-up window appears, click on the link provided to download a zip file.

STEP 7: Locate the zip file and then right click on the file. STEP 8: Select the destination for the extracted files and click Extract.


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