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The importance of public awareness about the dangers of heavy smoking and drinking has never been greater.

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Nonetheless, the health problems associated with excessive smoking and drinking are extensive.

Public health efforts to minimise the dangers of both smoking and drinking may significantly improve the well-being of society.

Their loved ones will be healthier as passive smoking is reduced.

For people who drink too much, alcohol tolerance can lead to false reassurance that they are drinking within limits, since they do not feel drunk.

Excessive alcohol drinking can also result in accidental injuries and even death.

Pregnant women who drink heavily can harm their babies.

These include young people under the age of 18, pregnant women, people with certain health conditions, patients on medication that will interact with alcohol, recovering alcoholics, and people who intend to drive or do activities that require attention and coordination.

Heavy drinking can lead to many serious health conditions.

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Dr Stanley Chia, cardiologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospitals, explains the effects of smoking and drinking on our health.


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