To Kill A Mockingbird Symbolism Essay

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The main plot involves the trial and death of Tom Robinson.

The conflict was between the Finch family, primarily Atticus, and the racism in the town.

, you will be writing an essay on one aspect of the novel.

You will be given some class time to work on the essay and you will be given specific instruction on essay writing. Several times Atticus emphasizes the need to consider things from another’s point of view.

Like the way a defenseless mockingbird can be shot dead despite doing no wrong and possessing no malice, Boo and Tom suffer the same consequence.

Their fates remind people about the dangers of ignorance and the need for understanding, the way Scout comes to see the world, else humanity exist shallow and spiteful indefinitely.

Boo was ruined by his father and unable to function as a regular member of society.

Tom was accused of a crime he didn’t do and convicted by people unwilling to face reality, resulting in his death.

His sentence is the product of extreme fear and group prejudice, where townsfolk would rather agree to an obvious lie than life with the social trauma of one of their white women having thrown herself at a black man.

Robinson doesn’t survive the film, he’s shot and “accidentally” killed after the trial in an attempt to flee.


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