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Thesis Statement: Unsupervised children who watch violence on television exhibit violence in their everyday lives and develop into aggressive adults.“Research shows that television violence increases levels of aggression, fear, and desensitization among some who consume it” (Hamilton).

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When violence is unpunished the message is that violence is an acceptable way of resolving problems.

Why the Upper East Side is an inspiration of life lessons?

What will happen if the Capulets and Montagues disturb the peace again? As duchess, Eadgyth's role was to dazzle the public. Include the following elements in your short story: A clear setting – the time and place of the story A plot – series of events that builds to a dramatic climax A narrator to tell the story Effective descriptions using sensory details Dialogue to develop the characters Error-free grammar, including use of consistent verb tense old a contest to determine who was stronger.

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Then, make sure that your wording is as concise as possible for your thesis statement roadmap. A: A well-written thesis statement prepares by providing you with a roadmap for your paper, as well as a central idea on which to focus.

You only want the main idea of the subtopic in your roadmap, not the details. Q: Once I’ve written my thesis statement, can I just forget about it and write the rest of the paper? You must tie every paragraph or subtopic back to it in some way.

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