Thesis On International Business

Each group is to prepare a project proposal of max. The proposal form includes the following sections: Introduction, Research Question, Literature Review, Methodology and a Reference list.The project proposal must be signed and approved by the advisor.1 group member: maximum 40 pages 2 group members: maximum 60 pages 3 group members: maximum 70 pages Declaration of Authorship must be included in the group project.

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Number of students / Advising Hours 1 student 7 advising hours 2 students 12 advising hours 3 students 16 advising hours To benefit most from these limited hours, plan very strategically how you expect to best utilize your supervision time.The maximum length of the bachelor project depends on the number of students in the group.The page count does not include front page, declaration of authorship, executive summary, bibliography and appendices.The advisor will not read the entire project at any point in the supervision process. The advisor is not to be viewed as an encyclopaedia, dictionary, or editor. The advisor supports teamwork and cooperation in the group. The advisor may not tell the group the name of the external examiner before the oral exam. An advisor may never grant an exemption from any thesis deadlines. At the oral exam, the advisor’s role changes from that of advisor to that of examiner. Each group is entitled to a pre-determined number of supervision hours, listed below, dependant upon the number of students in the group.These are the total numbers of hours available per group.For the successful completion of the Professional Master of Science (MSc) in International Business taught by EENI Business School & HA Independent University, the student must submit a Thesis (Dissertation) (10 ECTS).The topic must be related to international business (Foreign Trade, Global Marketing, Internationalisation...) The Thesis normally reports on a research project or an extended analysis of a topic.Before the retake examination the project must be revised and improved.For guidance in this respect, the examiner and the external examiner will submit a brief written critique of the project within eight working days of the individual oral examination.Based upon these facts, the role of the advisor is as follows: 1.The advisor involves her/him self in discussions concerning issue formulation and choice of methodology and theory. The advisor involves her/him self in discussions about the project as it progresses: s/he shall read and question drafts of the issue formulation, as well as read and discuss drafts of some individual sections of the project and discuss these with the group.


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