Thesis Mathematical Modeling

Thesis Mathematical Modeling-25
The article proves the necessity of acquaintance of schoolchildren with the structure of the process of mathematical modeling, features of models, purpose of their use. Mathematical modeling in the teaching of mathematics as a means of forming cognitive independence of students in specialized economic classes.

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Sarah Grintzevitch - Heat waves: their climatic and biometeorological nature in two north american reigions Helen Mansley - Dense water overflows and cascades Polly Smith - Application of conservation laws with source terms to the shallow water equations and crowd dynamics Peter Taylor - Application of parameter estimation to meteorology and food processing Kate Alexander - Investigation of a new macroscopic model of traffic flow Luke Bennetts - An application of the re-iterated Galerkin approximation in 2-dimensions Peter Spence - The Position of the free boundary formed between an expanding plasma and an electric field in differing geometries Daniel Vollmer - Adaptive mesh refinement using subdivision of unstructured elements for conservation laws Clare Harris - The Valuation of weather derivatives using partial differential equations Sarah Kew - Development of a 3D fractal cirrus model and its use in investigating the impact of cirrus inhomogeneity on radiation Emma Quaile - Rotation dominated flow over a ridge Jemma Shipton - Gravity waves in multilayer systems Winnie Chung - A Spectral Method for the Black Scholes Equations Penny Marno - Crowded Macroscopic and Microscopic Models for Pedestrian Dynamics Malachy Mc Connell - On the numerical solution of selected integrable non-linear wave equations Stavri Mylona - An Application of Kepler's Problem to Formation Flying using the Störmer-Verlet Method Sarah Brodie - Numerical Modelling of Stratospheric Temperature Changes and their Possible Causes Matt Sayer - Upper Ocean Variability in the Equatorial Pacific on Diurnal to Intra-seasonal Timescales Laura Stanton - Linearising the Kepler problem for 4D-var Data Assimilation R. Brad - An Implementation of the Box Scheme for use on Transcritical Problems D.

Garwood - A Comparison of two approaches for the Approximating of 2-D Scattered Data, with Applications to Geological Modelling R. Smith - The Evolution of Travelling Waves in a Simple Model for an Ionic Autocatalytic System P.

Barnes - Reaction-diffusion waves in an isothermal chemical system with a general order of autocatalysis.

Mc Allister - First and second order complex differential equations.

Hawkes - Mesh Movement Algorithms for Non-linear Fisher-type Equations P. Parry - Construction of Symplectic Runge-Kutta Methods and their Potential for Molecular Dynamics Application. Swain - Numerical Investigations of Vorticity Preserving Lax-Wendroff Type Schemes.

Jelfs - Conjugate Gradients with Rational and Floating Point Arithmetic M. Fletcher - Numerical Approximations to Bouyancy Advection in the Eddy Model. Fulcher - The Finite Element Approximation of the Natural Frequencies of a Circular Drum. Green - A Financial Model and Application of the Semi-Lagrangian Time-Stepping Scheme. Burton - Re-iterative methods for integral equations. Hobbs - A moving finite element approach to semiconductor process modelling in 1-D.. Brookes - An investigation of a dual-porosity model for the simulation of unsaturated flow in a porous medium. Crossley - Application of Roe's scheme to the shallow water equations on the sphere. Garvie - A comparison of cell-mapping techniques for basins of attraction. Gnandi - Alternating direction implicit method applied to stochastic problems in derivative finance. Hudson - Numerical techniques for conservation laws with source terms.. Singh - A comparison of numerical schemes for pricing bond options. A numerical investigation into the dynamics of the non-linear vibration equation. Higgs - Nonlinear diffusion in reservoir simulation. Horrocks - Fokker-Planck model of stochastic acceleration: a study of finite difference schemes.


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