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This is often useful for print journals that are going online.

This allows you to create an Announcements page for your journal web site, and post messages to your readers.

Digital Object Identifiers are becoming increasingly common for online journals, and OJS supports them.

If you wish to use DOIs, you will not only need to select one of the options here, but also in Setup Step 1.1 (see previous).

Setup is available to the Journal Manager on the Journal Management page, and contains its own set of Help texts built into each of the forms.

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Setting up the journal's web site will require decisions and text for the following items, among others, which can be prepared in advance in consultation with the Editors or added at a later point.

You must supply a name and email for your technical support contact.

This contact information will be presented for contact purposes in key areas throughout the system, and will be available from About the Journal.

The privacy statement will appear on the About the Journal section of your web site.

Because you will be asking people to register with your journal and collecting their personal information, it is important to let them know of your policies in this regard.


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