The Kite Runner Essay Questions And Answers

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Hassan: Vulnerable, brave, defenseless, violated Amir: Coward, weak, Assef: Cruel, evil, viscous, twisted[F4] Why does Amir find it difficult to accept his own behaviour?Amir finds it difficult to accept his own behaviour as he is unsure of the reason of why he ran and left Hassan there.To what extent do interventions by the guilt address the issue of guilt?

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Moreover, Kumal reveals how Amir’s encounter with the Taliban in order to help Hassan illustrates the suffering that Afghan people had to undergo during the reign of the Taliban.He wishes that he did it because he was a coward and frightened of what Assef would do to him yet he thinks he may have done it purely for the prize of Baba’s pride.[F5] Your answers show a good understanding of the story, but you need to “PEE” in more depth, and provide more analysis of the language to take your work a step higher. Throughout his paper, Khadawardi focuses on how Hosseini uses the protagonist, Amir, as a way to conceptualize how redemption only comes as a subsequent response to an “ominous offence” because the actor feels some kind of remorse.We're sorry, this computer has been flagged for suspicious activity.If you are a member, we ask that you confirm your identity by entering in your email.As well as this, Assef refers to Hassan as a ‘dog’ therefore de-humanizing him and treating Hassan as inferior to himself.However, the rape is the crucial taunt as it thieves himself of his innocence and previous friendly, brave persona.He identifies and analyzes the crisis of social identity in Afghanistan, specifically for ethnic Hazaras, by going into detail about the cultures and beliefs of Hazaras, including religion, language, and art, and then explaining the socio-economic relations with other ethnic groups.Moreover, Mousavi illustrates the socio-political change in Hazara society by talking about the Hazara uprisings in the nineteenth century and the consequences of the uprisings’ failure, as well as Hazaras in contemporary Afghanistan and various Hazara resistance movements.This supports the image of a terrifying, hopeless event happening[F3] .How are Hassan, Amir and Assef presented in the “rape” scene?


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