Term Paper Rubric

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It may be considered as a reflective essay as well because it in turn reflects your mind therefore you cannot afford to take this paper easy.

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Examples, when |Examples, when applicable, are not provided. | |applicable, are not provided or are | | | | | |irrelevant to the assignment.

Each question or part of the |question or part of the assignment is addressed. All |All attachments and/or additional documents are |or parts of the assignment are not addressed.|are addressed minimally, inadequately, and/or not| |___/15 |attachments and/or additional documents are |included, as required.

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We don not believe in copying other people’s work and claiming it to be ours.Special-interest sources and popular literature are acknowledged as such if they are cited. 12650 B.) b) How many ways are there to choose a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer of the club, where no person can hold more than one office? In how many different ways can five elements be selected in order from a set with three elements when repetition is allowed? What is the probability that a fair die never comes up an even number when it is rolled six times?Sometimes ties together information from all sources. Author's writing does not demonstrate an understanding of the relationship among material obtained from all sources. Paper does not flow and appears to be created from disparate issues. Writing does not demonstrate understanding any relationships More than 5 current sources, of which at least 3 are peer-review journal articles or scholarly books.Sources include both general background sources and specialized sources.There are numerous | |(25% of TTL Points) |construction. | |___/15 |more than three spelling, grammar, or syntax |spelling, grammar, or syntax errors per page of |writing. |respondent's overall teaching practice are |presented, as applicable. The paper demonstrates that the author fully understands and has applied concepts learned in the course.They are dedicated and believe in complete commitment towards their work.Whatever work we undertake, we believe in giving our 100 percent to it.Our writers are experienced and skilled enough and they understand what it takes to write an impressive research paper rubric.We have hired a set of creative and professional writers who are disciplined and devoted to heir work.


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