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The young professional can observe the great variety of electric geysers, their types, prices, manufacturers and usefulness.

One can dwell on the definite models of electric geysers trying to demonstrate their functions from all possible sides.

The electric power industry has been moving from a regulated monopoly structure to a deregulated market structure in many countries.

The purpose of this study is to comprehensively review the existing markets to study advantages, issues involved and lessons learnt to benefit emerging electricity markets.

The paper employs a comprehensive review of existing competitive electricity market models in USA (California), UK, Australia, Nordic Countries (Norway), and developing country (Chile) to analyze the similarities, differences, weaknesses, and strengths among these markets based on publically available data, literature review and information.

Ongoing or forthcoming electricity sector restructuring activities in some countries can be better designed based on lessons learnt from existing markets and incorporating their own political, technical and economical contexts.The price of a unit of electric energy fell from about 7 to about 3 times the price of an equivalent amount of energy in the form of natural gas and heating oil, because of the rise in the price of fossil fuels.The rate of growth in electricity use dropped from 7 to 2 percent per year; and although formerly it had exceeded real growth rate of gross national product (GNP), the growth rate fell to approximately the same pace as that of GNP.1 Introduction, Conclusions, and Recommendations INTRODUCTION From 1973 through 1982 a number of the general trends that characterized electricity use between 19 showed distinct changes.The annual percentage change in electricity price, adjusted for inflation, reversed direction, from a decrease of 3.8 percent per year to an increase of 4 percent per year.It is a big advantage that a student can look through a free example term paper on electric geyser written online and catch the right structure of the paper, the manner of its formatting, analysis, research approach and so on, borrowing the expert’s style of writing for his own assignment.Actually all free term papers available online are 100% plagiarized!A template for design of successful electricity market has also been presented.The discussed weaknesses and strengths of existing electricity markets in this study can be practically utilized to improve the electricity industry market structures leading to several social benefits including lower electricity cost. https://doi.org/10.1108/17506221111145977 Download as . Water heating is supposed to be quite an expensive service today because of the energy crisis which is becoming more and more serious every year.There are geysers of several types which are differentiated according to their size and the resources used for the production of energy.


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