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Either employment option—contract or contract to hire—allows you to be choosy about what work projects appeal to you, how fast you want to advance your career, and what work schedule will fit for you along the way. Working as a temporary employee is a great way to gain valuable skills and discover the different opportunities available at State Center Community College District.

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Around 20 percent are working locum assignments right after graduation as a way to evaluate different practice settings and locations before settling down. Working locum tenens full-time has given him control of his career — something, he says, that makes some of his friends from residency a bit jealous.

One of the tough aspects of physician jobs is they often require relocation.

Assignments will vary in duties, duration, and location.

All temporary pool positions are on an as needed basis and considered at-will.

You can learn more about the free agent workstyle in our ebook, 10 Things You Need to Know about Free Agents.

We also offer assignments on a contract-to-hire basis.Duration, responsibilities and location of assignments will vary.This recruitment is open continuously; however we reserve the right and may exercise the option to close this recruitment at any time as we monitor the effectiveness of the pool.Signing a 2-3 year contract with a hospital is a huge commitment, especially based just on one or two interviews.What if you realize 30 days into the job that the staff is difficult to work with or the patient load is more than any doctor should handle?Instead, you research the car, and then you take it on a test drive to make sure it lives up to everything the salesman promised.The same scrutiny should go into making career decisions.Those who choose this workstyle are often referred to as free agent workers.Our research shows that 44 percent of all workers in the United States classify themselves as free agents.But locum tenens can also be a valuable route to finding your next permanent position.When you buy a new car, you don’t just pick the first one on the lot.


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