Teen Discrimination Essay

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It might prevent them from speaking up in class, or from participating in activities that are important to them.

But talking openly with children can prepare them for dealing with discrimination, and help them keep discrimination-related stress in check.

However, experiences of day-to-day discrimination are most likely to be reported by racial and ethnic minorities.

Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable discussing racial differences.

People can be discriminated against for any number of reasons, including age, gender, weight, religion, income level, disability, sexual orientation and race or ethnicity.

According to the 2015 APA Stress in America Survey, most Americans feel they have experienced discrimination.Discussing discrimination can be hard enough for adults.Talking to kids about the subject can be especially daunting.All ages can be discriminated against, teenagers are considered shifty and untrustworthy, elderly considered incapable, youth considered boisterous.It affects not only the people who are discriminated against, but also those who lose valuable relationships by judging them based on age.Maybe the employee working behind the register will even go as far as to call the police on these boys, who didn’t steal anything, but were discriminated against simply because they were “unruly teenage boys”. We don’t tell the youth very much, because they “won’t understand”, they’re “too young”.We gawk when elderly people run marathons, or even participate in simple recreational activities such as volleyball or swimming, because they are “old”, and “incapable”.How can you talk to your children about diversity and discrimination? Age discrimination is a large issue in the United States today.When parents avoid talking about differences and discrimination, experts say, children learn that the topic is taboo.Children might come to believe the differences they notice are more important than they really are.


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