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During 2012–17, the DMT market contracted at an average rate of almost 8% per year.

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Although there is significant capacity for regeneration, the amount of PET reprocessed is much smaller than the amount that is recycled as resin.

I’m supposing this synthesis of DMT (or DET, where instead of DMAE DEAE would be used) : First, the indole would be converted to 3-bromoindole using the experimemtal method described in this paper: (NOTE: the experimental method using pyridine as a solvent and pyridium bromide perbromide or dioxane dibromide as a brominating agent) Then, the dimethylaminoethanol is converted to 2-Bromo-N, N-dimethylethanamine hydrobromide using hydrobromic acid.

And if I’d be interested in cookery I wouldn’t be asking questions on SM Melgar, indole itself can form a Grignard reagent of some sort: Since it is a pyrrole, the proton that lies on the nitrogen is actually fairly acidic, and so it can be deprotonated there to give a nitrogen-centered anion.

However, the C-3 carbon is also fairly acidic due to ring resonance influenced by the benzene ring, so alternatively indole can be deprotonated there as well.

Asia will account for about 83% of the world’s TPA/DMT consumption growth in the next five years.

During 2012–17, consumption of TPA grew at an average annual rate of about 4%, which is lower than the average rate for the previous five years (5%).There is interest in recycling PET, especially when virgin polymer prices are relatively high.The portion of PET that is recycled is high compared with most other resins.Most recycled PET is utilized as waste polymer for reprocessing, but processes have also been developed to chemically regenerate monomers or oligomers.The impetus for development of these processes is the assumption that chemical intermediates would find acceptability in a broader range of higher-valueadded applications.PET polymer, also referred to as reactor-grade polyester or PET melt-phase resin, is consumed primarily in the production of polyester fibers, polyester film, and solid-state (bottle-grade) resins.PET engineering resins are produced not only from melt-phase PET, but also from recycled postconsumer and postindustrial materials.The one which actually happens depends on the balancing metal atom (organolithiums prefer to deprotonate at nitrogen due to the electronegativity difference, organomagnesiums deprotonate at C-3 for covalency).Thus by deprotonating indole with an alkylmagnesium bromide, an indole grignard reagent can be prepared.[Edited on 9-1-2018 by James Nilep] I have seen SM used for theoritacal discussions about illegal substances, that’s why I thought posting here would be appropriate, this is definitely not meant to be a discussion about “how do I make such and such illegal compound”, rather a theoretical question about an alternate synthesis pathway.I think the jury is still out on whether this thread violates the SM guidelines...


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