Symbolism In The Yellow Wallpaper Essay

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"The Yellow Wallpaper" is purely a feminist text; Gilman accomplishes this in many ways, but there are three main ways that she conveys this: by the common treatment of women in the history of the Victorian era, by the use of symbolism throughout the story, and by using a sense of parallelism between the woman trapped in the wallpaper and the main The color yellow has many different meanings.

It can bring hope and happiness but it can also bring cowardice and deceit. Bright, beautiful shades usually denote cheerfulness or joy but it can also have a hint of danger.

What is further presented in great detail, is the wallpaper itself.

It is constantly reffered to throughout the piece of literature. The story basically follows the pattern of the narrator telling about the wallpaper, of which will be discussed momentarily, and the psychological state which she is in in relation to her environment.

This story in particular draws from the personal experiences of the author, Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

It is the story of a woman’s downward spiral ending in insanity.

This oppression was a result of her being a woman in the Victorian time period.

The woman who is diagnosed as ill by her husband and many other physicians is not sick at all, but instead, she has discovered exactly what is missing in her life, freedom from men and their oppression.

This woman escapes during the day and walks among the garden outside where the author is able to view her actions.

This woman behind the wallpaper is very important in understanding our main character’s mental state.


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