Structure Of An English Literature A Level Essay

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Below I talk about him being hyperbolic because it helps me to explain what I think Wordsworth is doing; however, I wouldn’t necessarily do this all the time.

You do not get marks for technique spotting, only for your ability to dissect and analyse a poem.

It is very easy to waffle in essays and to lose track of the question, but this acts as a mini-conclusion or summation to show the examiner what you’ve just demonstrated in the paragraph.

Notice how in my anchor I’ve tried to include specific words relating to the question – ‘demonstrates’ = presents; ‘city working with nature’ = natural and man made worlds.

feels an emotional response’ and ‘somehow godly or divine’.

Discrimination Against Religion Essay - Structure Of An English Literature A Level Essay

It is good practice to explore in as much detail any implications or meaning you have derived, thus justifying why you’ve bothered to include the reference.]Even in the first line he is hyperbolic as he says that there is ‘not anything to show more fair’, which promotes this quaint image of a city in the early hours being the most wonderful creation on earth, above traditional ideas of beauty that may picture a waterfall or a rainbow.

I’ve not done anything dramatic, but I’ve kept myself on track and made my ideas clear for the examiner.

This also helps you to begin your next paragraph with the question directly in your mind.][LINK PARAGRAPHS – an essay is not a selection of independent points or paragraphs and links between your ideas is a simple way to avoid this.

One of the main reasons the poet presents such an appreciative and admiring tone is that this is not the London he normally knows, but rather is a London that has yet to rise.

As one of the busiest cities in the world, London is usually associated with traffic, fumes, noise and bustle, but in this poem it is a tranquil paradise.


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