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It is very difficult to keep up your morals and therefore, gather up the necessary courage to fight against the wrong situations.Therefore, in todays date, it is even rarer to find a person with the proper morals required to live a satisfactory life.

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Therefore, it can be said that being courageous enough to make use of the given opportunity is a very essential factor in today’s world of competition.

We all know the hardships faced by every working person in our country.

To be courageous or to have that much confidence to overcome our fear is courage. For example, when a person goes for an interview, he or she will feel some kind of nervousness or anxiety or insecurity about his/ her skills.

These feelings and the emotional state of mind can affect one’s behavior and therefore, have a bad effect on his/ her interview.

Now, a person needs courage to overcome this fear and therefore, go ahead and live that adventure.

No third person is involved in pushing away one’s fear in case of such physical activities.

The situation therfore severely questions the way in which we think about courage and the value of medals, that seem to recognise the courage of only a few, when the very act of participating in a war requires so much more courage than the majority of people have.

If we go to see for the actual or literal meaning of courage, it refers to “an act of bravery or to do a challenging task without being afraid”.

The hardships regarding studies, career, a person having a very good (but stressful) job, etc.

all require some or the other courageous input to achieve the goal.


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