Source Of Energy For Photsynthesis

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Due to this fact, many research groups around the world work on biological hydrogen production.

Nowadays, it is important to develop renewable and clean energy sources for the future.

Its combustion does not produce greenhouse gases, ozone layer depleting chemicals, acid rain ingredients, and finally environmental pollution.

Being a renewable energy carrier, hydrogen has a high specific heat of combustion. It is possible to use hydrogen in internal combustion engines to generate mechanical power or in fuel cells to generate electricity.

As hydrogen can be produced from many natural sources, it is expected to have a stable price in the future, independent of the fluctuation in price and availability of single sources.

Hydrogen is a synthetic fuel and it should be manufactured.Despite global energy demand is continuing to increase, the availability of low cost energy is decreasing.Together with the urgent problem of climate change due to CO release from the combustion of fossil fuels, there is a strong requirement of developing the clean and renewable energy system for the hydrogen production. GOOGLE_AUTH_URL = "/profile/login-national/google-oauth2/"; PBSLM. FACEBOOK_AUTH_URL = "/profile/login-national/facebook/"; PBSLM. Many engineers and scientists came to the conclusion that the replacement of the fossil fuel system by the Hydrogen Energy System could be the solution of these global problems.Hydrogen is the most efficient and the cleanest fuel.This information is shared with social media services, sponsorship, analytics and other third-party service providers. Energy supply, climate change, and global food security are among the main chalenges facing humanity in the twenty-first century.The photosynthetic process allowed high life diversity, as witnessed by the fossil records.Indeed, over eons of time photosynthesis has provided the oil, gas and coal for us to power our technologies, heat our homes and produce the wide range of chemicals and materials for everyday life.


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