Sonia Sotomayor Thesis

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They’re incredible.” Associate Dean of the College Khristina F.

Gonzales echoed Li’s appreciation for the gathering of women from so many classes in one place, saying that students could learn a lot from both the Justices on stage and alumni in the audience.

upreme Court nomination battles tend to focus on the more emotional, hot-button constitutional issues of the day.

But the most sweeping — and frightening — implications of a Sotomayor tenure on the Supreme Court may be in the realm of business.

Kagan and Sotomayor spoke to the fundamental importance of impartiality in maintaining the legitimacy of the court. That's why they made the Constitution, so people can decide.

These discussions have led to outcomes that people can predict.

The Second Circuit reversed this decision, too, and the Supreme Court agreed, with only Justices Stevens and Breyer standing by Sotomayor’s position.

seems to agree that there is a randomness to Judge Sotomayor’s rulings in business cases.

Both women expressed gratitude for colleagues who supported them throughout their careers.

“There were always men of good will, who understood that equality had to be put into practice,” Sotomayor said. That gift is my enduring gift from Princeton.— Claire Thornton (@claire_thornto) October 5, 2018 When asked why they decided to attend the University, neither Sotomayor nor Kagan could remember the exact reason.


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