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(Answer: 13.45 km/h, 48.01 degrees or 41.99 degrees) Problem # 5 If a sprinter runs 100 m in 10 seconds, what is his average velocity?(Answer: 10 m/s) Problem # 6 The world record for the men's marathon is .You use it for the derivative operator, and that's so that the D's don't get confused. If someone has a better explanation of that, feel free to comment on this video, and then I'll add another video explaining that better explanation. If I wanted to write an analogous thing for the scalar quantities, I could write that speed, and I'll write out the word so we don't get confused with displacement.

So one, let's just review a little bit about what we know about vectors and scalars. So the velocity of something is its change in position, including the direction of its change in position.

So they're giving us that he was able to travel 5 kilometers to the north. So you could say its displacement, and the letter for displacement is S.

The water is flowing west at 5 km/h, parallel to the shore.

What is the velocity of the sailboat relative to ground, and what is the angle of travel that the sailboat makes with respect to the shore?

Solution Problem # 9 The seals around an engine piston are designed for a maximum velocity of 5 m/s relative to the piston wall.

If the piston oscillates sinusoidally with a stroke length of 20 cm, what is the maximum engine RPM?

If there is a wind blowing at 80 km/h in the direction opposite to take off, what velocity must the plane reach relative to ground in order to take off.

(Answer: 220 km/h) Problem # 8 of the ball relative to the merry-go-round so that, relative to the child, the ball goes around in a perfect circle as he’s sitting on the merry-go-round.

So this is rate, or speed, is equal to the distance that you travel over some time.

So these two, you could call them formulas, or you could call them definitions, although I would think that they're pretty intuitive for you.


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