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But, the thing that still varies is writing style: what each writer needs in order to write.

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While it’s possible to create a similar filing system within a folder on your desktop, the ease of switching between things within Scrivener is pretty sweet.Back then, “electronics” consisted of clock-radios, boom boxes, radar detectors and electric typewriters. Whenever I wasn’t helping customers, I was reading the booklets to learn how to use them. I married a man who loves technology as much as I do, and we’ve always had at least one computer in our home.At one time I purchased a portable word processor that let me see four lines of text at a time.With so many “virtual” companies out there, the Cloud seems to be the way Millennials are heading.Pages If you have an Apple-based device, such as a Mac, you’re probably familiar with Pages. From what I can see, their capabilities are comparable.You also won’t find editing features in the program, other than a basic spelling check, simple formatting and the ability to add tables and graphics. Not too bad of a trade-off considering the organizing tools it offers.Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is the software of choice for many writers.After hearing it mentioned so much in writing communities, I thought I better check it out.If I were writing a novel or any sort of fiction, this would be a fabulous program.Maybe you prefer coffee shops, where you can eavesdrop on conversations to get inspiration for stories.Perhaps you like to create your first draft before going back to make any changes.


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