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Many residential schools have dormitories and offer housing for students during the school year. English is a second language for most Deaf people making them bilingual in both ASL and English.Deaf education emphasizes early language acquisition and literacy.

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“Deaf people as a linguistic minority have a common experience of life, and this manifests itself in Deaf culture.

This includes beliefs, attitudes, history, norms, values, literary traditions, and art shared by Deaf people.” Source: World Federation of the Deaf “Deaf culture is at the heart of Deaf communities everywhere in the world.

Many prefer strong drum and bass to feel the music and soak in the ambiance visually. Technology is constantly improving, this is what we have right now. ASL is taught, naturally – just like any other languages.

There are incredibly talented Deaf people making music accessible and linguistically accurate through sign language. The Deaf person you are having a conversation with will continue the conversation or show you the sign. Deaf parents sign all the time with their babies (whether deaf or hearing) and they learn and acquire ASL.

Identification with the Deaf community is a personal choice and is usually made independent of the individual’s hearing status, and the community is not automatically composed of all people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

The Deaf community may also include family members of Deaf people, sign language interpreters and people who work or socialize with Deaf people who identify with Deaf culture.Call the number they gave you; when you call, you will be automatically connected to them through a relay interpreter.You will hear the interpreter but you ARE talking to the Deaf person.Mainstream education is going to a local high school with hearing students, the deaf student will most likely have an interpreter throughout the day interpreting what is being taught by the non signing hearing teacher.Residential Schools for the Deaf: Deaf students learn alongside deaf peers, taught by a signing teacher.Nope, even though the UK and USA are English speaking countries.BSL and ASL are not like “British English” and “American English” – actually they are very different sign languages.There is much controversy surrounding this and history books to explain why.The short answer is that not all Deaf people took speech class, want to speak, feel comfortable speaking or have ever used their voice. Many Deaf persons use hearing aids and they work great for them, for others sound amplification does not work. It is the individual’s choice, based on their body and preferences. Second, the CI only works if you have a specific kind of hearing loss that would make you eligible for the surgery; not all hearing losses are compatible with cochlear implant technology.It goes the same for spoken languages with hearing babies – they babble at first, then start to articulate.ASL is a complete language with its own complex grammatical system.


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