Should Religion Be Taught In Public Schools Essay

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This kind of religious education has drawn criticism because, it is argued, there is no neutral perspective from which to study religions and any kind of compulsory schooling is likely to impact on the formation of a student's religious identity Since people within a given country often hold varying religious and non-religious beliefs, government-sponsored religious education can be a source of conflict.

Countries vary widely in whether religious education is allowed in government-run schools (often called "public schools").

We should teach religion to children because, by learning about the origins of myths and the histories of various religious institutions, they can see all religions as part of the same phenomenon — and not see one as inherently superior to all others.

I think it is important to give children a healthy dose of religious education early on, teaching them a broad range of comparative mythology and religion from a phenomenological approach.

To clarify, I majored in Religious Studies, the study of religions from a phenomenological approach, which is not to be confused with Christian Theology — the study of Christianity as a fundamental truth.

I found that, if you study comparative religion, it’s more difficult to be religious because the great faiths are all very similar at the most fundamental level.

Religious scholars often serve as judges, especially for criminal and family law (more rarely for commercial law).

In New Zealand, "Religious Education" refers to the academic teaching of religious studies.

In traditional Muslim education, children are taught to read and sometimes speak Arabic and memorize the major suras of the Qur'an.

Many countries have state-run schools for this purpose (known as Madrasah Islamiyyah in Arabic; meaning "Islamic school").


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