Should College Athletes Be Paid Essays

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This is the time of year hundreds of college basketball players take to the floor in hopes of winning a national championship.

Millions of fans invest time, money and energy cheering for their favorite teams.

As noted by Lemmons (2017), the hunger and passion usually shown in college sports would be traded for “lackadaisical plays and half-ass efforts that we sometime see from pros.” College sports would morph into full blown business ventures whereby the athletes are like employees and the colleges the employers.

Participation in a sport would become more important for students than the actual contribution their participation makes to the sport.

Moreover, students would want to take part not in sports in which they are richly talented but in sports that can guarantee better payment.

Paying college athletes would also lead to the erosion of the connection between athlete students and college values.Reasons Why College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Paying college athletes would remove their competitive nature and the passion they have for the games they participate in.It would culminate into a situation where the only motive the athletes have for playing is money and not the sportsman drive of winning games and trophies.The NCCA should consider passing regulations that control the compensation made to coaches so that they do not get paid salaries that are unnecessarily high.This would allow for some part of the revenue to be channeled to compensating the players and give more meaning to collegiate athletics.The NCAA and the institutions of higher learning involved continue to make high profits from college athletic programs.There are even coaches whose salaries for offering their services to college sports teams run into millions of dollars.College athletes deserve being paid because without them, college sports would not be existent. Through our website, students can request for help in a diverse range of subjects and disciplines.We understand that studies are the foundation of success; yet they can be quite a challenge without extra help.Yet, those who work so hard so that this revenue can be realized are sidelined when it comes to payment.College athletes deserve being paid because without them, college sports would not be existent. College students should be paid given the nature and organization of college athletics.


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