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Objective: The purpose of this study was to examine an individual’s use of mobile devices and apps in the self-management of type 2 diabetes to establish the potential and value of this ubiquitous technology for chronic healthcare.

Methods: In a 9-month intervention, 28 patients at a large multidisciplinary healthcare center were gifted internet connected Apple i Pads with preinstalled apps and given digital support to use them.

Diabetes is caused due to the lack of production of Insulin by the pancreas or due to the cells of the body not responding properly towards the insulin produced.

IOD journal publishes a variety of contributions, including original articles, focused reviews and rapid communications that include brief articles of particular interest and apparent novelty.

RL agent–recommended insulin dosage interval includes the actual dose prescribed by the physician in 53 out of 60 cases (53/60, 88%).

Conclusions: This exploratory study demonstrates that an RL algorithm can be used to recommend personalized insulin doses to achieve adequate glycemic control in patients with T1DM.

However, further investigation in a larger sample of patients is needed to confirm these findings.

Background: As digital healthcare expands to include the use of mobile devices, there are opportunities to integrate these technologies into the self-management of chronic disease.

Purpose built apps for diabetes self-management are plentiful and vary in functionality; they offer capability for individuals to record, manage, display, and interpret their own data.

The optimal incorporation of mobile tablets into diabetes self-care is little explored in research, and guidelines for use are scant.


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