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I've never done anything like that in a class before.I think that when teachers introduce students to hands-on activities and projects the students enjoy it more. We learn better when we're allowed to move around and be creative.

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Response From Leslie Servin During my time in high school I had it really good moments, but my best moments that I've experienced are in a particular class during my senior year, in Sacramento, Calif.

So I was basically a new student in these kind of classes and also I'm English learner. I didn't want to do it, but finally I did it and that one was my best moment.

For my Spanish class, our teacher decided we would do a class circle (Editor's note: see "How To Practice Restorative Justice in Schools" for more information on class circles) for the day.

She asked us a sequence of questions which required us to give a more in depth and heartfelt answer each time, starting with something along the lines of "How are you feeling? " A class circle which only should have lasted one day extended to three, with each and every single one of us having to share our deepest and darkest fears and insecurities.

I was aware that the time was ticking, so I quickly grabbed all the notecards off the floor.

I became overwhelmed with embarrassment, listening to the echoing laughter of the audience as I tried to rearrange the cards.

I placed the cards down, and felt a great sense of relieve.

My words, my explanations, my connections all flowed out my mouth with harmony, and I felt more natural and free as I presented my topic.

My presentation was a diagnosis of a character with schizophrenia, explaining the symptoms and the reasoning behind my diagnosis.

The movement of my hands and my exaggeration presented by a drive of passion, along with my visual representative, kept the audience captive. By the end of the presentation I was sweaty, not by nervousness but because I left it all on the floor.


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