Scholar-To-Scholar Refereed Paper Research Session

Their scholarly productivity is measured by the generation of information and educational materials for mass media, newsletters, county-based publications and curriculum for locally delivered educational programs.The generation of extension information and education will be non-credit/non-formal in nature.

The College of Education defines quality scholarly work as that which is theoretical and/or empirically based, is presented and/or accessible to the scholarly community, and contributes to the field by influencing policy, theory and/or practice.

Therefore included in this definition are journal articles, books, chapters in books, research paper presentations to state and national conferences, and book reviews.

The expected time period for completion of scholarly work is two years in the social sciences and three years in the humanities.

To have a competitive grant or contract; To publish, on average, a total of two refereed or invited publications per year in their research filed, in a textbook, or on the subject of educational innovation; To present at least one invited or contributed presentation in a national meeting, an institution of higher learning, or at a research institution; and To supervise the training of one graduate student, postdoctoral fellow or visiting scientist.

The College of Education defines this as one scholarly work every year as a full time faculty member.

High quality scholarly work in the College of Engineering and Architecture is comprised of the peer-reviewed dissemination of the results of intellectual investigation that includes manuscripts published in refereed proceedings of major conferences, or creative work in the area of design, graphic arts, and film completed with an invitation to exhibit or build, or textbooks or research monographs in print, or computer software that is peer-reviewed prior to distribution, or external funding in place to support the intellectual investigation resulting in the production of high quality scholarly work(s).

The road for them is to be indexed in well-known databases and be open to open access to allow authors to be cited and have an impact, isn’t it?

In conclusion, I recommend it as a basic book, which has an Anglo-Saxon approach, therefore useful to publish in English or American journals, although it doesn’t serve me for that, paradoxically, because it was rejected in an American JCR, though then accepted in an European one.

It also lacks a holistic approach with a model that would serve for organizing the process to publish your research, so it was also a source of inspiration to write my e Book ‘Publish in Journals 3.0‘. But we have to keep in mind the bias of the sample, because it corresponds to professors and researchers who routinely use technology and internet.

That is, within the cream of the crop, 38% (23% 15% above) still remains some skepticism about sending their papers to OA journals.


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