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Initially they demand high moisture content, but once established, these trees are drought resistant.The plant may be grown indoors in a much smaller scale by a special method known as the Bonsai.

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The banyan tree is massive not only from outside but it also sends new shoots from its roots, making the tree a tangle of branches, roots and trunks.

The banyan tree towers magnificently over its neighbors and has the widest reaching roots of all known trees, covering several acres.

Being native to that country adds to the privileged status of the tree to be considered as a national symbol.

The national tree is an instrument of projecting certain philosophical or spiritual values, which reside at the core of the country’s heritage.

The fruits of the banyan trees are types of figs that are globose to depressed-globose, 15-2.5 cm in diameter and pinkish-red in color, with some external hairs present.

Propagation and Cultivation The banyan tree is propagated through small birds which ingest the figs and excrete the undigested seeds.

The flowers grow within a special type of inflorescence called Hypanthodium that is characteristic of Fig family trees.

It is sort of a receptacle which encloses both the male and the female flowers with an opening on top known as the ostioles.

These aerial prop roots offer support to the huge canopy of the tree.

The banyan tree generally grows around an existing tree for initial support and drives it roots within it.


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