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For Cisneros, the daughter of a Mexican-American mother and a Mexican father, it meant straddling traditional and contemporary cultures and setting out to find her place in the world.In "Only Daughter" she tells the story of being asked to write her own contributor's note.

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Sandra Cisneros' spirited collection of lectures, essays and family memories, "A House of My Own: Stories From My Life," explores human yearning for home, a safe place where we can be ourselves.

Both of them are about accomplishments of women in times where women were less than men and only good to become a housewife. I can relate to Sandra Cisneros in her essay "Only Daughter.... Not only their actions but also the comments coming from the parents may influence in children's gender development. For example, how Sandra Cisneros talks about in her article ' ' Only Daughter,'' about a writer who had six brothers and would be forced to spent time with herself because her brothers would not let her play w...

In her essay, Sandra wrote about how her father had wanted her to find a great husband and have children. And just like Sandra did, I too decided to follow my own identity and not the standards of my culture or the ones that society has set in place.


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