Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Great Gatsby

Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Great Gatsby-37
Fitzgerald creates an invisible line of diversity between them with the symbolism of the areas in which they live in.Carraway lives at West Egg- whereas the Buchanans live at East Egg.

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” This conveys Carraway’s nihilistic statement, giving into the concept of ‘nothingness’.

It is anticipated from the first few paragraphs of the book, that the main theme of the book is Gatsby’s presence and his power of challenging Nick’s outlook on the world.

We soon find that Gatsby isn’t what he initially appears to be.

Behind his money and vulgarity, Nick sees his personality as “gorgeous”.

His use of irony, strong diction and symbolism plays a significant role in conveying his certain ideologies about the people of this certain era, and the embodiment of the “great American dream”.

The eye of the story- Fitzgerald’s weapon of observation is Nick Carraway.

The ideal of a “creative temperament ” was used to convey signs of weakness in Gatsby’s character; the myth of Gatsby’s story was recognized at the end of this paragraph, and it is illustrated that what happened to Gatsby closed off Carraway’s interest in the human condition.

Fitzgerald does this by creating a sense of sympathy with emotive language and imagery in his writing- it was “what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out his interest…

Fitzgerald gets across his character by using a chain of words which represent his personality.

Words like “levity” establish his lightness of tone and humour.


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