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This is great if you are just doing some general research for your own information or entertainment.It’s not so great if you are trying to find academic content on any particular subject. Nothing will be saved about your search results there.When you search in standard mode, Google helpfully remembers previous searches, the links you have clicked in the past, and several other bits of information.

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This is not the time for Google to skew results based on past search habits. Your search results will also not be influenced by anything else.

This means that if you search ‘Climate Change in National Parks’, your results won’t be impacted by your having searched ‘National Parks Vacations’ earlier.

Then, later on, you can point Google Scholar to a specific library when you want results that come only from a specific collection.

Let’s consider a generic example, Imagine you are working on your Ph D, and your first task is to identify what should be in a dissertation introduction.

A literature search is one of the most important stages of the research process.

And while looking for help on how to go about it there is one piece of advice you will hear very often— “Use Google Scholar to find previously published papers in your field.” But no one tells you that it is no longer enough to simply point your browser to Google Scholar to receive useful search results. As a result, you risk your own work being repetitive and derivative unless you understand how to do an effective literature search on Google Scholar.Obviously your search will begin with typing in something in the search bar, but there’s more to it than just that.You need to make sure that the time you spend doing a literature search using Google Scholar yields results.As you might expect, this pulls up additional scholarly resources that relate to the search result you selected.This is great if you are low on sources for your research.Instead, write down what you would like to learn as part of your research. After that, create lists of keywords and keyword phrases that might be useful in helping you find information for each subtopic.If you are largely unfamiliar with a topic, it’s okay to use online encyclopedias, news publications, and other sources on Google’s standard search engine as a jump-off point. However, you may be able to mine the sources for keywords that you can then feed into Google Scholar for a richer set of search results.You can also go into the advanced search option to ensure that the results only include resources from academic databases your lab, funder, or university recognizes.Remember that it can take some practice to master the advanced search functions, so don’t lose hope if it doesn’t work out for you right away.You can create libraries for specific research topics, or simply areas of interests.When you find search results that match, you can save that content to the relevant library, copy the link, or bookmark it for later reference.


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