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Hence the reason not only in reducing the physiological features, another factor operates here.

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In this case it ceases to perceive the process of driving, leaving the awareness of responsibility and danger, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the distance to a collision and the vehicle in front of the car, the angle of view gets narrow, deteriorating coordination and feeling of balance.

The driver slower and less responsive to what is happening, can confuse the gas and brake pedals, commit other serious mistakes, for cyclists and motorcyclists it is more difficult to drive in a straight line.

And often this influence is absolutely imperceptible either to the driver, nor his passengers, but it can suddenly remind of itself in the most critical and inopportune moment.

Thus, even at a low degree of intoxication after a couple of glasses of vodka, whiskeys, and beers, when the dose of alcohol in the blood is only 0.2-0.5 ppm, a man increases craving for risky, aggressive driving, sudden maneuvers, need for speed.

But the biggest percentage of the car incidents happened because of drunk driving and the numbers keep growing.

The probability of getting into a fatal crash for drunk drivers is much higher than for sober drivers.The factors, that evidence of physiological changes that can impair the central regulation of the body will be listed.It is believed that if a healthy young driver drank a glass of vodka, then these quality are really much lower.In effect, the Act established a federal jurisdiction by creating the National Highway Safety Bureau, which preceded the National Highway Safety Administration (N. The risk posed by drunk drivers to themselves and others around them varies.The toll drunk driving has taken on human life and health can, on its own, make alcohol abuse one of the most serious social problems in the United States. economy prospered and while the development of the highway network was underway, alcohol abuse as well as traffic safety became a serious issue in America. Drunk drivers themselves comprise a large proportion of those who are killed, often in single-car collisions.The extent and consequences of drunk driving underline the challenges of harmonizing a drinking culture with a modern industrial society. The Highway Safety Act of 1966 played a crucial role in mobilizing attention and resources against drunk driving. The combination of driving an automobile after drinking significant amounts of alcohol has been recognized as a serious problem since the motor car was invented in the 1880s. The most dangerous of the drunk drivers are those that drive far in excess of the speed limit, cross into lanes of traffic going in the opposite direction, and weave in and out of traffic.By 1910, the law in the United States had already codified drunk driving as a misdemeanor offence. Department of Education's 1968 report, Alcohol and Highway Safety, which found that 25,000 deaths and at least 800,000 crashes in the United States each year were caused by the use of alcohol by drivers and pedestrians. By contrast, there are drivers making an impaired effort to drive safely and, although they operate with diminished skill and judgment, they pose less of a risk.So it shows us that people were not scared for their or passengers’ lives, they were worrying about fines.In fact, in addition to sanctions patrol, alcohol is much more dangerous by its inevitable effects on the brain of the driver.


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