Research Paper On Climate Change

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[tags: Global warming, Climate change, Climate, Weather] - Eric Fisher Dianna Trang AP English III 7 April 2015 Climate Change One of the most important issues lying in our world today and in the future is climate change.

Whether you’re a denier or an acceptor, several scientific studies have found that a storm is coming for us in the future, so to speak.

The natural factors that impact climate change are changes in volcanic eruption,solar output and change in the Earths orbit around the sun.

The Human causes of climate change are Burning of fossil fuels, cutting forests and less agriculture and many other reasons.

- Climate refers to the weather conditions that occur and prevail in particular regions over an extended period of time.

Climate change is the change in the properties of the climate system, referring to significant changes in its mean state, and in its variability and extremes (Vijaya Venkata Raman S, Iniyan S, Goic R, 2012).One of the biggest indicator of climate change is air temperature,due to the change in climate the global air temperatures have changed a lot.Averaged over all land temperatures warmed roughly 1.53°F. [tags: Greenhouse gas, Climate change, Climate] - Climate change is considered a controversial topic.We often ask ourselves, what are these effects we hear of.This leads us to the purpose of this paper, to show that climate change will have drastic effects across the globe.The crucial question is whether we should pour all our resources into mitigation – reducing our carbon emissions.According to scientists who study the climate there are other environmental problems; “we now face a global crises in land use and agriculture that could undermine the health, security, and sustainability of our civilization”.Although scientists have been studying the issue, there are many citizens that are still not fully educated about it.Therefore, there are people who support scientists in their results, and there are people who deny the scientists’ findings as propaganda or exaggerations.[tags: Climate, Climate change, Africa, Global warming] - Climate change is a long term change in the climate due to an increase in the average temperature.The earths climate is not stable all the time but we still have to worry because it has big impact on us the way it 's changing.


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