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This results in Achilles challenging Hector to a battle, learning to Hector’s death and Achilles’ triumph. Although he is mentioned throughout, he makes his first appearance at the end of the novel where he savagely slaughters an old and defenseless Priam in an effort to avenge his father’s death.

Identity Ransom explores who we are and what is means to have an identity.

Although Achilles is driven by hatred and anger after Patroclus’ death, likewise with Priam he manages to change his ways.

He is touched by Priam’s pleads and consequently accepts the ransom and returns Hector’s body.

After many decades as king of Troy, Priam is determined to reinvent how he will be remembered; as a king who performed an extraordinary act of heroism in order to save his beloved son.

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Achilles Achilles is known as the greatest warrior of the Greeks.

However after hearing Priam’s sentimental reasons she shows support and urges him to first share his plan with their family and the kingdom’s council before he departs.

Hector Hector is Priam’s son and also the leader of the Trojan army.

The death of Patroclus, his closest companion and hinted lover, drives Achilles to insanity.

Hector murdered Patroclus, and as a result Achilles takes revenge by killing Hector.


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