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The learning tool was developed as a series of online courses that were piloted by several communities in southern Minnesota.A focus of the pilot in the five selected cities was improving health, which could include the physical health of citizens, economic prosperity, community well-being, social cohesion, livability, and a healthy environment.

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Much of this is participatory public art, which engages community members in the planning and creation of the art itself.

The health impact of community-engaged and community-based public art is more complex to measure in terms of health impact, but what we do know from evaluation projects is exciting and encouraging.

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It is extremely important here to be really engaged, Art isn’t Math or Physics, emotionless approach doesn’t work here.

The interactive story map below highlights each of these communities and provides a brief summary of their demonstration projects.

(For a more immersive experience, click on the icon on the bottom right of the story map to open it in a new tab.) This series of briefing papers shows how planners can work with partners in the arts and culture sector and use creative strategies to achieve economic, social, environmental, and community goals.The health benefits of public art in medical facilities are most easily measured, as patients are an identified population and are already being assessed for health outcomes.The range and impact of art in medical facilities is compelling evidence of the health-promoting role art can play .The courses are currently in beta testing and will be available publicly in late 2018, along with a companion webinar and fact sheet.Five cities in Minnesota were to participate in the pilot project to develop and beta test the tool in 20: Austin, Mankato, Red Wing, Rochester, and Winona.Projects like Power House Productions, in Detroit, can increase community members’ sense of identity and belonging, reducing isolation and negative mental health and emotional health outcomes.Some participatory public art projects intentionally engage community members with differences, such as Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Porch Light Program, which actively includes people with behavioral health challenges in community groups creating public mural art.Patients in hospitals have been found to experience less anxiety, lower levels of pain, and faster healing after medical procedures when their hospital surroundings incorporated various forms of art.Medical facilities have dawn on research which explores the impact of the content of art as well as its simple presence, leading to emphasis on uplifting and representational images, art which depicts and reflects nature, and attention to a diverse array of art forms and content. Can we justify spending on art when so many public needs are underfunded?There has long been support for public investment in art despite the opacity of its impact on people and communities.


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