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Proteomics Research Papers How To Solve Problems In Marriage

In total, 490 proteins were identified (combined search including urea, SDSI, and SDSII, supplementary Table S1).There is limited knowledge on the hair proteome and the potential roles of DPMs of hair proteins, including keratins.Thus, the aim of this work is to define the hair proteome after extractions with both detergent and detergent-free buffers using highly sensitive proteomics technologies based on mass spectrometry.It is also possible that the human microbiome, which is also present in hair, could interact with and thus affect human hair proteins and peptides.Hair has a high protein content with about 300 proteins identified so far.We, therefore, sought to develop techniques for hair shaft protein extraction, identification, and quantitative profiling of different proteins.Non-detergent methods using urea-buffers resulted in relatively low yields of protein (20–27%), although adding 2-mercaptoethanol enhanced the protein yield to 50–67%.The hair shafts were found to contain several types of histones, which are well known to exert antimicrobial activity.Analysis of the hair proteome, particularly its composition, protein abundances, deamidated hair proteins, and modification sites, may offer a novel approach to explore potential biomarkers of hair health quality, hair diseases, and aging.However, these methods focused on the protein extraction yield and not the protein identification from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.Furthermore, many long-lived proteins like hair proteins are subjected to degenerative protein modifications (DPMs), which may alter protein structure and functions that regulate physiological pathways with pathological implications, among other effects.


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