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The growth of the sector was about 1 percent per annum up to 1950’s.

The growth of the sector was about 1 percent per annum up to 1950’s.During the post-Independence era, the growth rate bumped about 2.6 percent per annum. The nation is about one-third the size of the United States, but it is more than ten times as crowded.

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In 1998, Indian scientists conducted nuclear testing. Both nations implied they had the means to use nuclear weapons on enemy targets.

Nations around the world condemned the testing; the United States.

A trend that started some twenty years back is now well in its prime.

Several multinational companies continue to outsource their telecom and IT services to the country.

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Lexile Measure 1000L Mean Sentence Length 14.12 Mean Log Word Frequency 3.34 Word Count 367 Mr.Gandhi believed that India was not ready for modernization, but India’s first Prime Minister—Jawaharlal Nehru disagreed.Nehru wanted India to become more like European nations.Donn has an excellent website that includes a section on India.Jawaharlal Nehru (1889 – 1964) was active with the Mahatma Gandhi in the Indian Independence movement.According to the experts, the services sector accounted for 63% of Indian GDP (2008-09) and the numbers continues to grow.Since Independence the growth in agriculture has been somewhat steady.In terms of employment, the services sector employs 24 % of the Indian workforce and this process of development started back in the 1980s.In the 1960s, the sector employed just 4.5% of the working population.During Nehru’s seventeen years in office, India built factories, highways and railroads.Today, India is one of the world’s largest industrial nations.


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