Problem Solving Skills In The Workplace

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And, the worker knows a structured method of problem-solving and the benefits of using it.

But that doesn’t mean the worker is going to be an expert problem solver just yet.

You can explain a lot of different kinds of processes with process training.

For example, you could explain how a software program is developed.

A well-planned employee training program will help workers understand basic job knowledge, develop basic job skills, and then develop advanced job skills.

The first step of that is to help employees acquire the basic job knowledge they need to perform their job.Having a workforce with well-developed problem-solving skills is a significant competitive advantage for a company.Obviously, that’s true with your maintenance workers.But those aren’t the only workers who benefit from strong problem-solving skills.For example, we have a customer who led a training system upgrade for a major, multi-site manufacturing company in the United States (they make common household products and odds are very good you’ve used their products).Work is easier when everything goes perfectly and there are no problems.But as you probably know, “perfect” is a rare state.In the same way that you need to provide training so workers can acquire basic job knowledge, you’ve got to help them acquire basic job skills as well.Again, this is important in general, but it will also help the worker develop problem-solving skills (because it will help him/her know “how stuff works”).Or, in manufacturing, you could use process training to explain the process by which you make your product.Here’s a short example from a process training e Learning course about recaustisizing (a papermaking process): As a final tip, you may want to consider using refresher training from time-to-time to remind the worker of this method and these tools.


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