Problem Solving For Year 4

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Lets take a look at how this pans out in our story Marty knows what the problems are and he’s diagnosed them.He needs to put together an educated guess on how to solve the problems.

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When I say the word Psychology I’m simply referring to an explanation of why we do what we do.

In Psychology we have a term called Cognition or more specifically Cognitive Thinking.

On the phone Marty always keeps his conversations light and asks key questions without directly asking factual questions, like: “Who are your regular customers? When Marty read that Lou wanted a website he was curious what made him come to this conclusion?

The next day Marty had trouble finding the cafe so he showed up a little later than expected.

They planned to meet the very next day at the cafe.

Marty has had meetings with clients many times before as he has been doing this for over ten years. Marty really tries to get inside clients mind and thought process with his business to fully understand what the problem might be.In the design world this documenting of the educated guess might be know as a proposal.A proposal is what, in our case Marty is to present to the Lou the Client, on how he plans to fix the problems.The proposal basically lists the diagnosed problems and a list of solutions Marty feels will solve these problems.These are the proposed solutions Marty listed for Lou: Marty then presents the proposal to Lou.The process I’m going to share with you is one I have put together over the years of designing and creating. Lets take a look at a typical problem a designer might face and how it might be solved.I have broken the process down into the four “P’s” of problem solving. We simply want to understand how a designer would go about solving a design problem. In the preparation phase we simply want to do two things. A well defined problem is understanding the nature of the problem and what information is needed to solve it.The exact opposite of a well defined problem is an defined problem.This is when you know there is a problem but you just don’t understand it.In this particular project the problem appears to be predefined.The client in this case Lou has asked Marty for a website.


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