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For example, in 1989, the UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Rights of the Child which provides for the protection from exploitation.In addition, the document states that each child should be protected from performing work that may pose a threat to health or interfere with his education, damage health, physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development.

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These children are forced to work in dangerous, harmful conditions for obtaining income.

Moreover, they have limited access to education, health services and material goods.

This problem is observed in virtually all productive and non-productive sectors of the economy: agriculture, small-scale trade in local markets, etc.

In the markets, for example, the work of kids is used mainly for sorting fruits and vegetables, loading works (teenagers may perform the duties of carriers).

This phenomenon exists in different corners of the planet, both in industrialized and developing countries.

Mainly children from the most vulnerable social strata, low-income or single-parent families, both in rural areas and in the cities, are involved in the labour which is not intended for a young age.A detailed periodization (a child, a teenager with three stages of puberty, a young man) was absent in those days.Social adulthood was equated with the biological maturity.States participating in the Convention take measures to comply with these provisions.For example, they establish a minimum age for admission to work, regulate the working conditions and the duration of the working day for minors.Experience has shown that child labour provokes serious, sometimes irreparable harm to the kid's physical and psycho-social development.If you know how to write a hook for an argumentative essay, you can choose something else.The life of children from the villages also was not easy.They helped the parents in harvesting, building, engaged in domestic work, nursed younger sisters and brothers. For example, a young chimney sweeper could get into places not accessible for the adult.Dickens gave his hero a wonderful salvation as it often happens with the heroes of novels about "children of a complex fate".However, the real prototypes of Oliver Twist, as a rule, were much less lucky.


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