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Not to say that there aren’t any organizations that try to either support or dissuade people from abortion day to day, but it is mainly brought up due to politics.

Abortion is a very controversial subject that causes many people to acquire strong opinions.

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in today society.

Many question should woman have the right to terminate her pregnancy, which is primarily known as abortion.

Pro-life proponents believe in the right to life for unborn fetuses saying that abortion should be considered murder regardless of how far along in the pregnancy the woman is.

Pro-choice advocates people who believe the woman carrying the fetus should be able to make her own decision on aborting the fetus.- When it comes to abortion, what are your thoughts and beliefs.Each person’s response will fall under one of the three categories: pro-life, pro-choice, and pro-abortion. The simple definition of pro-choice is, believing that pregnant women should have the right to choose to have an abortion.By the age of forty-five, it is said that thirty percent of women in America will have received an abortion by some point in their life (“Abortion”).Women need to know there are many conditions to consider when having the opportunity to bring a new life into the world.You might be wondering why I am pro-choice and the reason is because I believe that a woman should be able to do what she wants with her body.Now, with that being said there is multiple reasons why a woman may consider abortion....Although pro-life supporters argue “No civilized society permits one human to intentionally harm or take the life of another human without punishment, and abortion is no different” (Lowen), is it really the same....[tags: Abortion, Pregnancy, Fetus, Pro-choice] - In today’s society, abortion is one of the most controversial issues talked about around the world.This question always seems to come up around election time.All the candidates state their opinion on the subject and that seems to bring life back into the question.


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