Pointer Assignment

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Variable Destructor functions are defined using syntax similar to that used for the constructor function (the name of the class followed by a double colon followed by the name of the function).

For example, the definition of the NOTE: If you don't write a destructor function for a class that includes pointers to dynamically allocated storage, your code will still work, but you will probably have some storage leaks. | | | | |----| L: | Items: --------- | 10 | | | ---- | | | num Items: 10 | | | | array Size: 10 | --------------- The definition of the copy constructor (the actual code for the function) should be put in a ".

The Likelihood provides information about how likely the specific consequence is expected to be seen relative to the other consequences in the list.

For example, there may be high likelihood that a weakness will be exploited to achieve a certain impact, but a low likelihood that it will be exploited to achieve a different impact.

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Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded . Languages The table below specifies different individual consequences associated with the weakness.The Scope identifies the application security area that is violated, while the Impact describes the negative technical impact that arises if an adversary succeeds in exploiting this weakness.To understand more about storage management and destructor functions, let's consider a simpler version of the example code given above: |----| | | | | 2 | | num Items: 10 | | |----| | | | | 3 | | array Size: 10 | | |----| --------------- | | . C" file, along with the code for the other class member functions.The copy constructor should copy the values of all non-pointer data members, and should copy the objects pointed to by all pointer data members (this is sometimes called a deep copy).The declaration of the member function looks like this for the Int List class: If you don't write a destructor, your code will probably still work, but it may have storage leaks (some uses of the new operator will have no corresponding use of delete).If you don't write a copy constructor, or you don't write operator=, your code may work correctly; there may be attempts to dereference dangling pointers (which may cause runtime errors, or may cause garbage values to be assigned to some variables), and/or some data may be lost or corrupted.The Phase identifies a point in the software life cycle at which introduction may occur, while the Note provides a typical scenario related to introduction during the given phase.The listings below show possible areas for which the given weakness could appear. (Note that it is up to the programmer to ensure that no other pointers are pointing to that storage.) For example, consider the following function, with line numbers included for reference: 's constructor function is called at the beginning of every iteration of the loop, and its destructor function is called at the end of every iteration of the loop.Note that if the loop included a break or continue statement, the destructor would still be called.


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