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The fact that each plate has its own unique flaws caused by inconsistent flow of collodion over the plate also aids this discussion.

Ed Drew Ed Drew is an avid Tintype photographer as well as being an USAF & National Guardsman veteran.

Drew’s portraits of military instillations and soldiers serving in across the Middle East is entirely unique due to his use of collodion wet plate photography, creating a symmetry between, and homage to, the use of large format cameras in the American Civil War.

Ed Drew – Image Analysis Drew’s use of tintypes – a photographic technique common place in conflicts such as the American Civil War – in Afghanistan, creates an eerie feeling of ghost like figures.

The standard issue M9 Beretta holstered across his chest is the remnants of its ‘6 shooters’ ancestor; their m4s are the replacements of Winchester rifles and APCS the modern day pack-horses.

Demonstrate your technical prowess, delve into the depths of conceptual imagery and scour photographic literature for primary sources.

In today’s post we’re featuring an essay from a student who went on to achieve one hundred percent in unit 3, a testament to the students endeavor, willingness to explore and patience.Drew’s exposures were taken in daylight, leading us to assume that even under midday sun the subject would have to remain still for at least two to three seconds.Because of this the pose, expression and setting for the image would have had to be considered beforehand and potentially dictated by the photographer to the subject in order to result in a well exposed portrait.Tintypes are incredibly difficult to master from a technical point of view; the overall aesthetic is exceptional, and from examining their application and purpose opened up a whole new avenue for discovery.I hope that this article will be helpful to any student looking for a level essay ideas and inspiration as complete examples are often hard to come by.Fear is often struck into the heart of a student when discussing A Level Photography and they hear the word ‘essay’.This is really nothing to be frightened of, it is merely an opportunity for you to explore your ideas in more depth and also a chance to show It could be argued that being inspired by these historically significant images, Drew sought to once again illustrate the human side of modern warfare and bring the realities to the general public.The use of Tintypes themselves can aid the representation of fragility within the subject matter.His photos represent the surreal aspect of using such aged symbolism in such a modern conflict.The character and tactile nature of the Tintype emphasizes the true grit of the subjects and the environment.


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