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[tags: Cigarette, Smoking, Infant, Effect] - With a puff a day, one will be seeing the doctor every day.Cigarettes are like buying death sticks, which slowly kills one by opening the doors for chronic diseases, for example mouth and lung cancer.

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Have you ever tried catching your breath inhaling something unexpected.... Second hand smoke is smoke they have breathed in from other people's cigarettes.

[tags: Contaminated Air, second hand smoke, ] - The Effects of Second Hand Smoke Did you know that 3,000 American non-smokers will die this year from lung cancer. It is also known as involuntary or passive smoking.

Smoking is a very expensive habit that can cause long-term problems for only a short-term gain of comfort.

The surrounding non-smoking socialites must witness, experience, and live with the smoke day in and day out.

According to the American Heart Foundation, 43.3 percent of American men and women indulge in tobacco consumption through smoke.

The negative effects of the habit-forming substance crush the positive effects.

Around 700 million children, or almost half of the world's total, breathe air polluted by tobacco smoke.

Over 40% of children have at least one smoking parent.

This is on the borderline of an illegal addicting drug, but publicly allowed....

[tags: essays research papers] - Second Hand Smoke Second Hand Smoke In the 1950's and 60's scientists gave the people a lot of evidence on the deadly effects of smoking where the tobacco companies on the other hand tried to put the doubt in people’s minds through the campaigns to show that it is not all true.


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