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Rule defined by the companies is that do not put guns in the cars, then keeping them would be considered a violation of the rule. What considerations would a utilitarian have to take into account? The libertarian would be against the ban on having guns in the cars of the parking lots of the companies as their basic concern would be the employee’s right to keep whatever the state has allowed him to.He will be of the opinion that the employees can keep anything they want to keep themselves safe from any sort of danger on their way from home and office.

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Do you think state legislatures are right to get involved, or should the matter be left to companies and employees to settle?

If so, what about the property rights and safety concerns of employers?

If employees don’t have this right, would it be good policy for companies to allow them to stow guns in their cars anyway?

In making your recommendation, what factors would you take into account?

Would it make a difference how large the company was, the nature of its workforce, or where it was located?


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