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Although most of her games are dating sims, the first one I’ve ever played was a visual novel with a point and click adventure (it has a sort of mystery too, so I added it to my mystery list). Basically, everything starts when very serious Detective Xolga, unwillingly receives a new assistant (aka Mr. Only to be thanked later with a punch :lol:, poor Mr. When they finally get to the last room, Xolga discovers the locket nearby and OH NOES WHAT’S THIS, something unexpected happens! Toko starts having fun with poor Teddy Xolga but stops when he finds a round pendant by his feet. Out of curiosity, I checked them out and needless to say they got me so hooked that I started searching for more dating sims on the web.

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For those who don’t know who she is, Pacthesis (aka Amy) is the creator of several flash sim dates in Deviantart (most of them made when she was in High School! But right now, understandably, she is busy with life and has been on a hiatus for almost two years. Welp, I think it’s better for you to play it so that the ride is more fun, but I’ll definitely say this game is just as funny as it is sad (though heartwarming as well, and even mysterious at times). There’s an overall of nine short episodes PLUS a sequel of eight.

If she ever comes back and starts making games commercially, my wallet and I will be ready to buy her stuff, since it’s thanks to her that I got into otome games in the first place. Give these adorable characters a chance as they travel through different worlds to find the locket, you won’t regret it!

Dating sims (or dating simulations) are a video game subgenre of simulation games, usually Japanese, with romantic elements.

They are also sometimes put under the category of neoromance.

Ai is your average girl, who lives in Reton with her constantly working parents.

Her family owns a house in West Cigam, which they use for a summer home.

A year later, her father gets a new job in West Cigam, and she and her family move into the summer home.

She encounters Haru, Daichi, and Kai again, who remember her from last summer.

Toko, just as these two also show up in the sim dates (usually selling stuff you’ll need, or in another way).

Even though the first Pacthesis’ dating sims aren’t as professional as the last ones, I think it’s admirable how she could manage to create all these little games by herself, and at such a young age!


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