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Unsurprisingly, scholars consider the essay as the classical statement of his religious ideas.Emerson prefaces his essay with two poetic epigraphs: "Psychozoia, or, the Life of Soul" by Henry More and a selection by Emerson (later published as “Unity”).In this initial segment, writer commences the premise of convenience, recognizable to readers of his further essays.

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Emerson argues they derive from our connection to the Over-Soul.

The Over-Soul contains and unites all individual souls, and acts as the animating force behind each individual.

There is no matter of birth, caste or religion in this. God is looking at you and he loves you by all possible ways.

If you are working for humanity then you are working for God.

When we refer to our common nature in conversations with one another, we do not refer to a social connection, but rather an impersonal one -- in other words, a connection to God.

Beyond our implicit awareness of the Over-Soul though, how do we recognize our soul and its connection to the Over-Soul?

Nonetheless, our soul can grow to more intimately connect with and experience the Over-Soul.

Such growth occurs not by gradation, but by evolution or ascension into a new state of virtue.

Such moments overpower the human mind, so convinced of the absolute reality of time and space.

For example, we are aware of a certain sense of universal and eternal beauty, which “belongs to ages than to mortal life.” When we think of a verse of Shakespeare, profound quote by Plato, or the teachings of Jesus, we feel the reach of their divine thought across the centuries in the present.


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