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This should also be the section where you indicate how your research will add to the overall discussion on your chosen topic.On the topic of male involuntary celibacy, you could talk about whether the problem has escalated proportionately in other countries over the last few decades or if it has mostly been confined to the United States.

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Now that the topic and purpose of your paper has been clearly laid out for the reader, you should follow that up with background information.

In this section, you could provide estimates on the current number of people affected by the problem in question, or you could compare the present day state of things in this regard with earlier times.

Essentially, an outline will spare you from time-consuming mistakes and allow you to focus your energy on crafting a compelling, eloquent and educational research paper.

Before you write your outline, you will also need to spend a significant amount of time on the preparational aspects of your assignment.

One major point to address would be the social anxieties suffered by male incels.

Here, you could talk about how incels—some of whom are handsome, well-groomed and financially successful—will have typically struggled, unsuccessfully, to overcome their awkwardness and interact with women.

In the first couple sentences you would offer just enough information to give readers a clear idea of the paper's overall scope, and use this as a lead-in to your thesis statement.

If you were to write a paper about involuntary celibacy (incel) among men, you would introduce the topic by (a) defining the problem in one line, (b) specifying the segment of men affected by this problem and (c) mentioning the words and phrases that constantly apply to this topic, like beta male and incel.

The proceeding pages of your paper will consist of further major and minor points, each of which should build upon the prior point and all of which should lend additional weight to your thesis.

Once you have covered all the relevant points, you should then be ready to conclude your research paper.


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